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Please - Bring Back Reporting Segregated by Re-Sends

Please - Bring Back Reporting Segregated by Re-Sends

In the old days...When you resent an email the reporting included statistics for each send.  How many were sent , open rate, etc.  It's definitely handy having cumulative, but definitely need individual stats too.



Dave A 

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for your feedback @GaryB672! The ability to segregate reporting by re-sends would be a great feature to bring to our Reporting pages. I have opened up your idea for voting.

All Star

It would be very useful to me to know the ranking of emails in terms of popularity. I could look at the subject lines and see which ones were getting the most activity. It would also be really helpful to know which emails had the highest click rate.


It would also be great if I knew which emails I had used the resend function for the unopened emails instead of lumping them all together. If there were a separate column for that metric, I could compare the total number and see if that was increasing my open rate.


Thanks for considering.


Status changed to: New

Hi @DeborahQ . Those are awesome ideas! I wanted to note that on the Reporting page, you can sort by column by clicking on the column header which might be helpful for you when it comes to what emails are popular (if you are judging by the Open or Click rate).