Please allow for multiple emails to be synched for a single contact in the ConstantContact API.

Please allow for multiple emails to be synched in the ConstantContact API.


For example, we can't download the Bounce Date or the Bounce Reason for more than one contact email per contact. That means that if a contact has more than one email, we don't know to which the Bounce Date or Bounce Reason applies.

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Hi @VolCenter

We're actually removing the ability to have multiple addresses on the same contact in the future so this won't be an issue anymore.

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Hi Hannah,


Thank you for responding.


If a person has multiple emails will we have to set up multiple contacts for one person?


This will cause havoc when ConstantContact is linked to large systems like and similar Client Relationship Management platforms.



Nooooo! Do not remove the ability of one contact to have multiple addresses. If you do, please keep in mind that some contacts have seperate home and work email addresses and receive different campaigns depending on whether the campaign is work related or pleasure related.


HI @VolCenter and @DaveR7,

Sorry for the delay in reply. We will actually break out the contacts for you and are working on ways to keep this from increasing your billing since we allowed you to do it in the first place. This will allow us to fix a large number of problems this intoduced. You should have already gotten (or be getting soon) and email letting you know that this is happening and what you can expect to see. 

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