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Hi! We've been using Constant Contact for a while now and have enjoyed it. One of the only things that seems to be missing is the fact that there is no way to print a report for an email. I have to take snapshots of the different sections and the paste them into a Word document to make them look decent. I have to print a report out each time we send an email for our agents and we have 9 agents on our team, so you can imagine what a pain it is to try and do snapshots and paste them for nine agents. Am I missing how to do this? Is this function something that would be coming in the future? Jessica

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Hi @JessicaH9751 does downloading your reporting and printing it from there help fit your needs?

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Hi Frankie,

   Thanks for responding. Actually, the report we'd like to be able to print is different. We'd like to be able to print the page on the "reporting" tab within an email campaign that shows Email Performance, Click-Through Distribution and Send History. It's a nice looking page, but I don't see a way to print that. We present these to our agents so it would be great if there was a way to print this page out in a print format while still looking nice.  

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