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It would be really helpful to be able to see all RSVP responses at one time instead of only individual yes,no or maybe responses. Also it would be great if you can direct the responses to a host email.
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @CarolynD05


Thanks for the great feedback, we're always happy to hear from our customers. I'm going to open this idea up to voting so we can continue to collect feedback on the idea.


Have a great day!

-Rob L.

Occasional Contributor

Unless I'm missing something, you can generate reports on responses to the RSVP block only based on the answer (e.g. "I can make it"). 

I'd love to be able to generate a report that include all responses and all answers. When we're following up on an event, we need to know the Yeses and Nos. The only way I see to do that is to export both then combine in Excel or another program.