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Hello, I am the IT Coordinator for our organization and we have a Constant Contact account.

Because Constant Contact uses tracking pixels (images), the client of the mail recipient should be contained in the information sent back to Constant Contact.  You say it is not information you offer at this time but it could be. 

We got an email from Constant Contact warning us about the new Apple app "Mail Privacy Protection" which scrubs the tracking pixels (images) to protect the recipients privacy.  Unfortunately this means that for the recipients that start using Mail Privacy Protection we won't be able to tell if they opened up the email.

I have been quested to determine how many of the recipients of our Constant Contact newsletter use Apple Mail before this "Mail Privacy Protection" update is in production.  If Constant Contact would have their engineering team add the client to the information about each email recipient then we could determine how many of our current subscribers will be effected by this.

Can you people at Constant Contact do this before "Mail Privacy Protection" goes into production (this fall, 2021) so we can understand how this will effect our metrics in the future when "Mail Privacy Protection" goes into production?

Please do this so that in the future when we see certain subscribers not open an email we will know that those subscribers use Apple Mail and that we should account for that in our metrics reporting.


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Hi @MaggieK21472 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We can understand how important it is to properly track the reporting on your email campaigns. While we do not currently have a time estimate of when an updated feature will be available, our Product Team is analyzing our current capabilities to provide reports that are accurate and timely, without compromising user security and privacy. Until then we do recommend including clickable links and a call-to-action in your emails. In the meantime we have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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