Report Access to Various Users

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Report Access to Various Users

Can Report extraction be available for multiple users, with their own password?  For example who the email is sent from – could they have a password to access reports?   I have a team of 20+ sales reps that I send various emails for, it is very time consuming to extract all the reports for each individual (opens, bounces, clicks, opt out, etc).  I have to download then save each file separately then send files out in an email so they can contact and follow up with client’s that opened their email.  Would be fabulous if I had a specific password for the sales team to access their OWN reports – and only access reports – not any other functions.

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Hello @TriciaM04279. This is great feedback, I've opened this for voting.

I guess this is not an option that will be evaluated?  Nearly 60 days have gone by.  Is the voting the only way to get improvements?  I can tell you I NEVER go on here to view comments, I just found this the only way to make my suggestion.  Love to discuss further.