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Report to track emails, contacts, and campaigns at the same time

Report to track emails, contacts, and campaigns at the same time

I'm looking to make a Pivot Table in Excel, Or any way to make a report that properly tracks each contact/email as well as each campaign.

There already is an option when you go into each campaign to export the info, when you do this, you get each email/contact the campaign was sent to and that's all.

1. I'm suggesting/asking if you can add another column on the excel sheet with the status of each contact/email.

2. Also Id like to be able to see each contact, whether they are usually opening the emails or not etc. At the moment when you export all contacts, here too it only shows the contact info and emails, Id like for it to generate a column with the campaigns they participated in and the status.

3. Also by contacts there already is for unsubscribed a folder where it automatically sends all unsubscribed, can you make that for bounced emails, Did not open emails, so on so forth, as well. And here too, if there's a column with the info I described above it'll make it so much easier to track all emails and all the progress


I cant believe it hasnt been implemented yet!


thank you

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Thank you for the feedback,


As far as being able to see which status a contact is on your export-- which status are you looking for?  Are you trying to export all contacts and see which ones have bounced vs. ones that have not?


You're right that we don't currently have an easy way in product to see who has not opened your email.  This video tutorial might be helpful for you on how you can create a list of contacts who aren't opening your emails:


We really appreciate the feedback.


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