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Reporting analyitcs has improved over the years. Going beyond the downloaded PDF report, be great if there was an option to share the a report shortcut link with another person without Constant Contact access. With a shared report link, offer improved visual/graph reporting, opposed to just data. Lastly, with shared reporting offering the option to share/collect comments from others viewing the report as a "lessons learned" intake option.

Thanks for posting this feedback @JeffM9609. Do you want to be able to email your reporting to another user or do you imagine that they would login to the account whenever the person wants to view this information?

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Yes, be great to email or share a URL link for the report details. With a shared URl link, be great if this could show realtime reporting details. Prefer to not assign additional users just to login to review reports. MailChimp offers a great report sharing feature.

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