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Reporting - Split campaign stats by unique mailings

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I was hoping that Constant Contact had the ability to split out statistics (reports) for each campaign by user-defined criteria, like the date the email was sent out, or the TAG(s) used to create the list to email to, etc., but it doesn't appear that's the case.


I first uploaded and sent emails to 474 customers for a July campaign. A few days later I uploaded and (hopefully) sent to only 279 additional recipients for the same campaign/email. I had hoped to be able to see results from the two different mailings -- how many opens, click-throughs, bounces, etc. based on the emails sent to the 474 customers on 7/5 and then the emails sent to 279 additional customers on 7/12.


It appears CC lumps all the stats together for these 2 mailings. I even created a SEGMENT for the 2nd mailing, in hopes of using that segment to extract specific statistics/reports, but I guess I can't use the segment to isolate specific stats either.


History: And why exactly would I want/need to do this?  The first campaign email was sent to customers primarily from 2010.  We had very few results from this 7/5 email.  Therefore the list of customers from 2014 was uploaded to send the exact same campaign/offer to.  It would certainly be beneficial to see the statistics/reports to compare the rates from customers from 9 years ago vs. customers from just 5 years ago.  I didn't realize in order to compare the two I really would have needed to clone my 7/5 campaign and send a separate email to the 7/12 list, to keep statistics/reports separate.


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