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Reports: Sort options needed

Reports: Sort options needed

There used to be the option to view the opens for an email, by the time and date that the opened it. With the recent update this is no longer the case. Why is this?

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I have 37 links in my latest newsletter, that link to individual product info pages. Once sent, I check to see who opens it. I currently have to click on each individual link to find out what it is... then go back a screen and click the link to a list of people who opened it. Since I can't pull the list of each link and print, I have to physically write each link down and write their names down next to it so I can then go look them up in my database, so I can follow up with them based on what they clicked on. It would be helpful to have a list of customers who clicked through to something, and be able to just click on their name and see everything they specifically clicked through to, all in one spot.
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I prefer to review our "opens" by the date/time they were opened as opposed to grouped alphabetically by the contacts.
Please restore the ability to select unique opens and sort by date. I can see unique opens but when I click on date/time to sort, it returns to all opens.
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Hello, I use the "email" and then "reports" function a lot. It used to be very useful as I could see on a timeline who was clicking on my links. Then I could follow up new clicks with phonecalls and the general sales process. However viewing the clicks chronologically seems to have disappeared from the Browser version (thankfully it is still available on the iPad app which I also use) Can you reinstate this please ?? (Or if it is still there but accessible on a different menu can you let me know how to do this ? ) Thanks a lot ! Howel
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seems like I can only sort in date order in the All Opens report - not the Unique Opens report. I think a helpful report would be one that shows how many times everyone individually opened a message.

Thanks Shawna! You're right, you can only sort by date in "All Opens" right now but stay tuned for future updates!

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Why can I only see who opened the report in alpha order? That means I have to keep scrolling through the whole list to see new people. You ruined Constant Contact. I'm going to look for another product because now this really sucks.

I need to be able to automatically sort my Opens by Date/Time. But not only can I not do that, when I do sort it by Date/Time (manually each time), it doesn't allow me to see just the Unique Opens. This was not the case in the past. I desparately need these two particular function: 1) to have a setting that automatically sorts by Date/Time and 2) to also be able to automatically filter the Unique Opens. So, I am hopeful you will make it happen within the next month. Otherwise, I will have to consider going elsewhere beginning in 2014. I'm sorry.
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