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Reports: Sort options needed

Reports: Sort options needed

There used to be the option to view the opens for an email, by the time and date that the opened it. With the recent update this is no longer the case. Why is this?

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Not sure why the Did Not Open List does not populate from A to Z. Starts with G then F . . . makes no sense. Please correct this for easier management of contact.
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There needs to be a way to filter the contacts by the fields, ability to add other fields and filter, such as dates clicked, I would like to have the most receive at the top. Or even have a separate list that keeps track of new clicks since the last export. Also there isnt a report that accounts for Opened emails that have not been clicked. We can see the opens, the clicks, but not the in betweeners.

We need an option to view all lists alphabetically by last names. For instance, Unique Opens are listed only by Date/Time. It would make it much easier to keep track of names if we can view them alphabetically.
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Thanks, @MelissaF70! Do you think you would reach out to the "inbetweeners" again to see why they didnt click or would you be looking to take another action with this information?

Please make the list of bounced emails sorted alphabetically by either email or last name.
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Both lists should be able to be printed without having to print them page by page with only 50 names on a page. Thanks.

It would be nice to be able to see the last opened date on the contact list instead of opening each contact individually.

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It would really be helpful to be able to sort sent emails by name and not just have to randomly search though the list when I'm looking someone up by name to see if an email got sent to them. For instance, when someone registers under a different email address than it was sent to, and I'm trying to search the sent list to see which email it was sent to.
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