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Reports: Sort options needed

Reports: Sort options needed

There used to be the option to view the opens for an email, by the time and date that the opened it. With the recent update this is no longer the case. Why is this?

Need Option to View Lists Alphabetically by Last Name. In Unique Opens it would help to view alphabetically & not just by date & time.
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As I look through the list and try to verify emails as correct they are not in order. It is just weird and hard to work with. THANKS!!
why cant you sort/organize the bounced emails in alphabet order?
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The list of bounced email addresses should be in alphabetical order, or at least have a 'sort' function.
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I was wondering why you removed the mobile/desktop percentage for each individual e-mail from the information available on the summary page. I found this extremely useful and now can't find it at all even clicking through. A total mobile/desktop percentage can be found, but not per e-mail.
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Hello, I am fairly new to Constant Contact, and had the same observation as the original poster.  It would be very helpful to have the names sorted alphabetically, or be able to sort them by clicking on a column heading, so that it's easier to find out if a particular recipient has opened their email.  While the idea of exporting to Excel is one workaround, I don't understand why it's not possible to sort the names, particularly since this "great feature request" was made almost two years ago.   


With our campaigns, it sorts in small, incomplete groups of the same letter, so that there are, for instance, several groupings of last names starting with "S," and so forth.  


If nothing else, the default should be that it sorts by last name.

CTCT Employee

Hello @JanC72


Thank you for posting your feedback about this. I have moved your post to our feedback area, so that your comments can be tracked towards this feature request. Please feel free to add any additional comments here, or if you have a support question, you can continue to post in the Knowledge & Support area of the Community






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