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Reports: Sort options needed

Reports: Sort options needed

There used to be the option to view the opens for an email, by the time and date that the opened it. With the recent update this is no longer the case. Why is this?

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Is is possible to sort contacts by the last time they opened an email from us?
CTCT Employee

Hi Leslie,


Thank you for your feedback!  At this time you can export the opens for each email you have sent and sort that information by date and time, click on the link below for those steps.


Export contacts who opened an email


From your feedback it looks like you want the last time opened to be over a period of time and not for a single email.  We appreciate the feedback and encourage you to continue to vote for this idea if you agree!


If you have any other questions or feedback you can also reach out to our support team at 800-240-2302.


Have a great day!

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Status changed to: New

This idea has been implemented. If you have more feedback on this idea please start a new thread.


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Why can't I get it to organize alphabetically? My list starts with the "M"s, jumps to another letter which is NOT "N", etc. Why can't I have the A, B, C, etc. list?
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Aside from slow rendering, it groups clicks by last name and there's no way to sort the click-throughs by time to see which were the most recent.
CTCT Employee

Hi Scott,


Thank you for reaching out to us.  When viewing the click through report, the report will sort by the most recent clicks.  This reports sorts by date and time the person has clicked in your email.  To view this after logging in to your account click on the Email tab, choose Reports, choose Clicks for one of your emails, click on a hyperlink number for one of your URLs and you will see the clicks are sorted by most recent.


If you have any other questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to our support team at 800-240-2302.


Thank you for being a part of Constant Contact!

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This "new" interface leave a lot to be desired. I used to be able to view clicks by date & time, but not anymore! WHY????
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I see a version of this several places in the suggestions. I need an easier way to know what the link is listed on the "Unique Clicks" reports. It would be helpful to see both the link url and the display text that was used in the email. Thanks.