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Reports on Click Rate

Reports on Click Rate

As a Marketer you have made my job impossible. I cannot see what is the most popular item in the email. I cannot see what my audience is interested in. You are giving me the raw data. I do not have the band width to crunch numbers. Your previous report was excellent. I am aware I took your reporting for granted. Please turn it back on!!!!!!!
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for your feedback @CharmaineN3 can you please elaborate on what you mean by "I cannot see what is the most popular item in the email"? You should have all options you had previously when it comes to links and who clicked them. The "Clicked" option in the dropdown will show all contacts who clicked on links and the "Links" drop down will show you all URLs in the email and how many contacts clicked them. You can then drill into them further to see which contacts clicked the URL.

All Star

when I click on the over all click rate for the whole email, it takes me to the raw data