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Show email reporting by list

It is critical in the metrics and measurements of contact management to be able to do a drill down for a specific list to multiple campaigns. Since we include multiple contact lists in our outbound emails via Constant Contact (CC), we need to do data analytics based on specific audiences.


For example, we send a daily email (our Workday Reflection) to members, non-members and new audiences. In addition, we send announcements, surveys, and promotional emails to all of these same lists. Some of our CC emails may go out to 50+ lists based on our segmentation at any time.


However, I am unable to pull reports which represent the behavior of these unique lists and segments. The current reporting is based on 'campaign' or specific CC email.  My desire is to take 1 specific list, and get a report that consoldiates; Opens, Bounces, Click Throughs, Opt-Out, Unsubscribe, Referral, Did Not Open, in addition to other items.


Even when I pull multiple reports based on campaign, I need to manipulate many data points to do the proper analytics.


It appears that the reporting tool has been pretty standard since the launch of Constant Contact, and the world of data analytics has grown substantially in the past years. I need to get the metrics to justify additional funding for campaigns and growth of communications tactics.


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Thanks in advance.

Status changed to: Voting Open

I completely agree with this, we're having the same issue and this feature would be extremely beneficial. 


 I want this SO badly. S.O. B.A.D.L.Y.

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