Show sidebar view when viewing campaign reporting

The earlier style gave a far better at-a-glance overview of opens and clicks, sorted by links, while also allowing for contact activity in other ways.

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I prefer the the previous format for seeing e-mail campaign results. When I clicked "Opened," I could see at one glance how many "Clicked," "Unsubscribed," "Bounced," etc. Now I need to click each one separately from the drop-down menu for that information. Easier the old way.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for your feedback @AmyE028. While you are able to see all totals on the main reporting page, I understand how important it is to be able to drill down and easily see them as well. I have opened up your idea for voting.

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The new Reports for e-mails is not useful for our e-mail newsletter.

We need to know which links (content) generate the most interest.  This information tells us what has value and what does not.  This feature was removed.  The way the reports on Click worked before was much more functional for our e-mail news letter.  The way it is working now makes it un-usable for us.

I like the old readout better...when the number of clicks are totaled per website this new format is cumbersome to read
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Drew you are missing the point. We can see the list of links, but we can't put it in order of how many subscribers clicked each link. This is a common feature in these types of reports, allowing you to click on a column header to organize it in alpha (or in this case numeric) order.


Yes of course, which is why I was hoping you could clarify your feedback. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly @JulieL34! I have already opened up the idea for voting.

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The reporting is essentially useless now. It's very important that I can quickly understand which links in an email generated the most interest. It's also important to be able than to isolate the people who have clicked on particular links (to add to a particular list for example). Will this be corrected in the near future? It is a major loss of functionality for us.


Hello @ClydeK. Rest assured, you are able to see the links and their number of clicks. You are also able to then drill down into a particular link to see the contacts that clicked it. This can be found under the "Links" option in the dropdown. The "Clicks" option will show you all clicks but the "Links" option will show all links, including the number of contacts who clicked the links. From there, you are able to add the contacts to a list.

I absolutely hate the new form. I've been a customer for 12+ years and the new format is unnecessarily clunky and hard to navigate. PLEASE RETURN it to it's own format PLEASE!!!
why did you change it. More clicks more work for me. New and improved usually isn't.
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I preferred the previous format for looking up the clicks and the unsubscribes. It was much easier to find how many people clicked on each link. Now it is too confusing. Also, I was able to easily find the unsubscribe report for each email. Thanks!
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How am I able to figure out total clicks for each link and not unique clicks now? This new layout is quite cumbersome and less user friendly...

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I agree with everything that everyone's said about the clunkiness of the new report interface but I do want to mention that I finally got around to calling to complain about the fact that there was no way to sort the list of links by how often they were clicked. It turns out I had totally missed the fact that there is such a list, ordered by number of clicks, right on the opening page of the report. I had just been going straight to the click report where, unaccountably, you cannot sort the clicks by any feature--neither by number of clicks, alphabetical, or whatever. Mentioning this in case someone else had missed it also. So at least we do have that.


I have mentioned this problem several times before in the discussions here (the problem of not being able to sort by number of clicks), and noone from CC in the discussion has pointed out where you actually can do it. So I was really glad I finally had the time to call in.


I also find the clicking around both in the reports and elsewhere in this new interface to be really clunky and to take too many clicks to get to something very simple. I will credit CC however, for finally making the bounce and other reports printable again. Sometimes I just need to review and work with things on paper, really.



In this new format, I am not able to see which links from a particular campaign have the most clicks. I found it very valuable to have that information sorted by link, rather than by recipient. Thank you.

Hi @NormanWilliams thank you for submitting your feedback on this! The good news is you can still see the total count for each link rather than the individual count. If you're in your click reporting you will see a menu in the upper right hand corner that says "Clicked". Clicking on this menu will give you a drop-down where the option "Links" is listed. You can change that to "Links" to get the information you're looking for.


reporting-clicked-report-dropdown-links (1) (2) (1) (1).png

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On the new "Clicked" Stats screen that shows who clicked on what link in your email and when, it would be great to be able to sort by links. That way, we could narrow the information down to a specific link that we're interested in without having to export the list. Thank you!
This section is no longer very useful to me. I am more interested in seeing how many clicks each link receives, rather than seeing each individual click. Please add a function that allows that or revert to the previous format.
I really do not like the new reporting page. It is not efficient. I liked when I could see everything in one place rather than having to to to different tabs for each item. I am hoping that you are rethinking this and coming up with a better reporting page(s).
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I just realized this thread is well over a year old. It's just as relevant now, with the new changes to open/click reporting, as it was when it was first posted.

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I agree, It would be very helpful to be able to download statistics from a campaign at once, rather than click through and manually copy/paste into one document to share with a team. Any updates on this by chance? how many votes do we need to have it reviewed by CC? Thanks!

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

We do not have plans to reintroduce a sidebar view of reporting. The dropdowns can be used to view each type of campaign reporting.

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