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Sort Links by Click Throughs - High to Low

Sort Links by Click Throughs - High to Low

Please return the functionality that enabled users to sort click throughs from high to low. The whole idea of measuring click throughs is to understand what readers are most interested in/engaged with. I include a lot of call to action links and need to quickly see which links are performing the best. I now have to scan the entire list of links to see which have the highest clicks. This is too time consuming a task if I want an immediate read on performance. Please bring back the ability to sort the list by high/low clicks.

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for providing that feedback @InsideHarper! I agree, the ability to sort clicks would be a great feature to bring into our new reporting pages. I have opened your idea up for voting.

All Star
I used to be able to sort the links according to the number of times each one was clicked. I found this very useful in seeing which items in my email were the most popular. I can't do this anymore.