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Sort campaign reports by column

There used to be the option to view the opens for an email, by the time and date that the opened it. With the recent update this is no longer the case. Why is this?

please bring back old contact listing - new listing way too much wasted space unable to display and scan contacts quickly - only displays 4 contacts before having to page down - awful design
Frequent Participant
First: typing in the feedback box under Briefly describe your feedback: it continues to try to auto finish what is being typed with what looks like other topics people have entered. After typing my title when I click with the mouse it continues to select a topic title from the list below what I typed. If I hit return after typing it submits it with out my comments. Frustrating. Second: Under reports when I want to view the list of my contacts that clicked on the email it should default to a list by DATE with the most recent at the top. This is how it used to be. We care to see how the email's life is going and when people are starting to lose interest in it. BY DATE with MOST RECENT AT TOP shows us what we are looking for. In general I do not think I have found one part of the new changes that I like. Sorry. Please return to the old way.

Hi Ron,


Thank you for your great feedback on this.  This is not a feature we currently have but are looking into it  Please continue to vote if you agree!

I would like to be able to see Date/Time for the Unique Opens report.
Regular Participant
I have 37 links in my latest newsletter, that link to individual product info pages. Once sent, I check to see who opens it. I currently have to click on each individual link to find out what it is... then go back a screen and click the link to a list of people who opened it. Since I can't pull the list of each link and print, I have to physically write each link down and write their names down next to it so I can then go look them up in my database, so I can follow up with them based on what they clicked on. It would be helpful to have a list of customers who clicked through to something, and be able to just click on their name and see everything they specifically clicked through to, all in one spot.
I prefer to review our "opens" by the date/time they were opened as opposed to grouped alphabetically by the contacts.
Please restore the ability to select unique opens and sort by date. I can see unique opens but when I click on date/time to sort, it returns to all opens.
Not problem
Hello, I use the "email" and then "reports" function a lot. It used to be very useful as I could see on a timeline who was clicking on my links. Then I could follow up new clicks with phonecalls and the general sales process. However viewing the clicks chronologically seems to have disappeared from the Browser version (thankfully it is still available on the iPad app which I also use) Can you reinstate this please ?? (Or if it is still there but accessible on a different menu can you let me know how to do this ? ) Thanks a lot ! Howel
Occasional Participant
seems like I can only sort in date order in the All Opens report - not the Unique Opens report. I think a helpful report would be one that shows how many times everyone individually opened a message.

Thanks Shawna! You're right, you can only sort by date in "All Opens" right now but stay tuned for future updates!

Regular Participant

Why can I only see who opened the report in alpha order? That means I have to keep scrolling through the whole list to see new people. You ruined Constant Contact. I'm going to look for another product because now this really sucks.

Occasional Participant
I need to be able to automatically sort my Opens by Date/Time. But not only can I not do that, when I do sort it by Date/Time (manually each time), it doesn't allow me to see just the Unique Opens. This was not the case in the past. I desparately need these two particular function: 1) to have a setting that automatically sorts by Date/Time and 2) to also be able to automatically filter the Unique Opens. So, I am hopeful you will make it happen within the next month. Otherwise, I will have to consider going elsewhere beginning in 2014. I'm sorry.
Generally I like the new look. However, I can't find a way to view unique opens in date/time order - it's all ranked alphabetically. I send to a small group so it's of interest to me to see who has opened a message since the last time I checked - which I'm no longer able to see. Can this functionality please be added back?
Real Estate
I am having difficulty trying to sort my All Opens by email address
Need the dates of reports-to time consuming to go ove4r lists by name or email address DATES DATES
Consulting & Training
Before the new version of Contacts was released, you could drill into the e-mail marketing report to see not just who clicked on a particular link, but when (and you could sort it by date/time clicked). It appears this functionality is gone in the new version. Any chance you can bring it back?
Occasional Participant
I just want to voice my disappointment at the new layout for email reports. I am no longer able to see the surname or the company name of contacts who opened emails or clicked through and they are not listed by date/time opened so I have to scroll to see who last opened the email. This will make me reconsider whether I continue to use the service as it is too difficult to access information.
Occasional Participant
If I choose to display unique open they are listed by alpha. When I click on Date/Time the list reverts to All Opens. Also, the auto fill in the "briefly describe..." fills without choosing to.
Consulting & Training
We no longer have the see Unique Opens by Date, other than by doing an export. This used to be a very useful feature.
Occasional Participant
I have scroll to see email list...was better when email list can be seen at aglance without scrolling..makes it easier to make sure no one is left out.
Regular Participant
Previously I would be able to see just how many contacts I had for each month, how many were removed, etc. This new format does not give me that view and I miss it.
This a real important item. Because if someone opens the email more than once you want to call him first and right away. this a great marketing tool. I hope you fix this asap Thank You
Regular Participant
please allow us to sort by date/time and UNIQUE items and/or please allow to search alphabetically
I liked the way it was before when you wanted to add multiple contacts.
Occasional Participant
Now, contacts are listed alphabetically, making it difficult to see who has opened the email since the last time I reviewed the report.
Am I missing something? How do I sort unique opens by arrival time?
I would like to be able to see my unique opens in chronological order. Is that possible?
Occasional Participant
When I click to put opens in Date/Time order, it gives me ALL OPENS, and not UNIQUE OPENS. This is a change that came with the update, and not a good one. I try and track who our "early openers" are for purposes of seeing the general time frame when our emails are opens, and was able to do this prior to the update. OVERALL, THE UPDATES ARE AWESOME!!! Just thought I would provide feedback on this issue.
you are now just allowing to see a general history for the particular name by date of action without being able to identify the links tha they actually clicked on... for me as a realtor this is the most important feature allowing me insight into which towns/properties my clients are taking interest in so that I can respond accordingly.... If this feature cannot be re instated then using Constant Contact for me will not instrumental and will have to look for other providers... Would appreciate your response asap Thank you Eran Eisenberg
I don't know why you changed the format, especially on the "Opens " page. The new list is utterly confusing and difficult to read. The old format clearly listed the opens, in an organized and very readable way.
Regular Participant
We need a sort option for the date/time column in the unique clicks section.
Occasional Participant
I like having all contact information in one place. However I use the "all open" report and I can't tell how many times that a prospect opened a particular email. Once again you are messing with the "all open" feature. I liked the previous report.
Occasional Participant
In reports don't like that you default on each screen refresh to "unique opens" if you use "all opens"
Up until last night, I was able to view the opened e-mails alphabetically, not it's chronological. How can I go back to the alphabetic sort?
Consulting & Training
New reports are not as useful particularly for working on All Opens as multiple opens are our prime interest cant automatically export all opens, only unique opens cant show all opens on a page beyond 50, would like to see all opens on one page for easy tagging or manual export after viewing each open under all opens, cant reverts back to the page you were on but reverts to unique opens and wastes much time
In the past you could see the date contacts were added without clicking through. That way I knew new contacts had indeed been added that day.
Occasional Participant
I don't like the alphabetical contact list displays or the new way to add contacts. And how can I see the opted out subscribers who need to opt back in, if these are no longer displayed. I want the old view back.
Occasional Participant
I would like to be able to view who clicked a link in order by date and time.
Frequent Participant
I want to be able to sort by date/time on the unique clicks. I do'nt want to scroll each time through to find the latest.
I used to be able to display a list of clicks by date, but I can't seem to do that anymore. I thought I saw it once by accessing the click list in some certain way, but I can't seem to find it any more. Why has this functionality been lost?
I would like to be able to sort my bounce list by column, e.g., email address.
Frequent Participant
When I view the bounced report for an email blast the contacts are chunked together alphabetically, but the sections are not listed alphabetically. For example the first section is E followed by J, etc. It really would be easier to have all the A's together, then the B's, then the C's, etc.
Occasional Participant
I already had a discussion with you saying I wanted all clicks in addition to unique clicks. Another really annoying thing is that the unique clicks report seems ordered at random. At least you should give the option to click on the header to sort by column, or default to most recent on the top to oldest at the bottom.
The list of URL and who clicked is no longer appearing, as it always has in the past, from the report page.
When I try to delete bounced contacts you system seems to lock up and I am unable to strike them from my list. Please fix.
Even after opening the "all opens" email report, the site will only export the unique opens list, not the "all opens" list
Status changed to: New
Thank you for your suggestion, Sarah.
For example, in the all opens tab, you should set it up so that if someone opened an email three times, I can see their name show up 3 times in a row. So create a sort feature by email address, rather than only by date.
Regular Participant
When looking at the list of bounces for an email, they are sorted into letter groupings by first letter of last name, but these letters are not in alphabetical order, and when I click to see more (I had 87 bounces to review), I find more on the same letter as was listed previously. Eg. On the first screen there was 1 person with the letter K, then when I looked at the next group there were another 3 for the letter K....very confusing.
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