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There used to be the option to view the opens for an email, by the time and date that the opened it. With the recent update this is no longer the case. Why is this?


Under reporting -All opens on the more options tab add the ability to alphabetize by last name.  This will enable us to see how many times one contact has opened a specific email, which in turn will let me know who is most interested in that specific topic/idea/product for future follow up.

As most of us wish to removed bounced accounts (for non-existent, suspended, etc.) it would be extremely useful to allow users to alphabetize these bounce lists. Currently, this function is unavailable. It is VERY time-consuming to have to search for records and delete them individually. With an alphabetized list, I would be able to view hundreds of accounts, and simply click beside the name and delete multiple records at once, saving time and frustration. I hope Constant Contact will consider allowing this simple function.
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When viewing the click report, why is there no option to sort?  For example, my click reports all sort by the first letter of the contact's last name (and THEN by date/time), so it's very confusing to look at.  I'd like to be able to sort by date/timestamp which does not currently exist.

The "Opened" report sorts by date/time, so why can't there be an option to sort this way when viewing the clicks?

Thanks in advance.

It would be nice to be able to sort the various report lists without having to take the extra steps of exporting the list. Export is helpful but should not be necessary for a simple sort.
It would be nice to be able to sort opens by Name so that one can quickly and conveniently view how many times a particular client viewed an Email.
Any chance the column headings could be sortable on the resulting table that appears when you pull the results on open or clicked etc?

It would be nice to be able to sort when looking at your opens on campaigns you've sent out.  For example, when I click on 'All Opens', I would like to sort by name so you can perhaps gauge interest.  If you could sort by email address, if someone opened your email 5+ times as opposed to just once, I would then infer that this person has a higher level of interest.  

When you have the results up on the screen in constant contact I wish you could sort by column. Really all of the reports it would be helpful. Thank you!
I don't like the new format. I used to click on a customers name and I could see not just the one open, but all their history of opens. Now I cannot, it just takes me to a customer details page (no history of opens). Also, you should really have it where we can sort opens by name alphabetically so as to see more easily how often certain people are opening the same email.
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Hi @SabrinaK203. Thank you for the feedback on our new reporting page. When you click on the contact, there are two tabs that appear: Details and Engagement. Engagement shows you a much more in-depth view of the contact, including recent opens. Does this help?


contact engagement pop up.png


Also I love your idea of being able to sort those columns!


Reply from @SabrinaK203:

Thank you.  It does help. I'd been unaware of that option.  It would also be nice to just see within a campaign, on the unique opens page, where names could be sorted alphabetically.  I.e.  You could just go to names at the top and click that for an option to sort them alphabetically if you want rather than just times opened. Then I could see in one fell swoop several folks at once who opened a campaign several times. Thanks!

That's a great point with the column sorting and thanks for clarifying.


hello, i think i used to be able to sort this list by "recommended for removal" there is no sorting of this list right now. i'm trying to delete bounced emails that are not vacation/auto-reply thank you
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I understand that you recently changed you format on the order on the emails that were sent out when checking my reports. Previously the last name, first, email address and date and time were that order. I am in the medical field and everything is filed by last name first. An easy fix would be to set it up like an excel spread sheet that allows you to move the order of the columns. Please fix this problem, again the medical field will store the patients medical records by last name first. Thank you Franklin Senia owner Eye To Eye Optical Inc . 716-835-6644
Perhaps at the top of each column, put a drop down to offer other options. For example: at the top of the link clicked, one option might be to sort the links, the name column might offer alphabetical or by name etc.
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It would be helpful if it would display in alphabetical order by last name, so it can be edited.
I would like to be able to sort the list by first or last name. It comes up by email address, and that doesn't help when I'm looking to see who didn't open the email. Also, I'd like to know where the clicks went. I don't know by the URL where they looked. I have to click the URL to see. It's very time consuming and clumsy. Thanks. Kay Richards

Hi @KayR16 how does our Links reporting not fit your needs to view clicks by URL?


reporting-clicked-dropdown-links (4).png


As for the ability to sort your reporting, this is feedback we are tracking. So I have merged your post into a larger thread for this same request.

We would like to sort subdivisions. For instance, Did Not Respond sorted by email address.
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Working with membership as a nonprofit, I try very hard to keep up with our membership and I am constantly working with the valuable statistical lists provided as to our emails.  


One thing I wish you all could do to help me, and I am sure others, in keeping their lists current and that is have the ability to click at the top of a column in one of the reports and it would sort alphabetically.  


If we had that feature it would make life easier in updating email addresses, dropping folks off, and analyzing the data in our lists to help keep everything current.



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In the reporting tab, please add the ability to filter Opens/Clicks/etc. by date. This is especially useful for automation emails where we want to see performance on an ongoing basis. The filter currently only allows "Filter by email address or name", but it would be very useful if we could filter also by date, eg. setting a start and end date and view performance of a particular campaign only within that period.

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Hi @user83888 thanks for sharing this feature request! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

It would be nice to be able to sort my campaigns by click rate or open rate
Add a sort feature so we can alphabetize names and see who has opened mailers more than once for follow up.
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