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There's been a new update. I used to be able to take all of my bounced "Recommended for Removal" Contacts, tag them, and then unsubscribe the whole list with just a few clicks Now I have to go into each one to unsubscribe it? What's that about? That's not helpful at all! I also can't tag my unsubscribes en masse like before. I have to go into each individual contact and tag it. Again, what's that about? Is there a new feature that I'm missing? Or did Constant Contact take a step backwards?


Just noticed this as well! Terribly inconvenient. I need to get rid of over 100 emails and I am not doing that individually.

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Your most recent update removed the ability to mass unsubscribe bounced and suspended addresses from an account without deleting them entirely. You have articles posted about how to download a list of addresses that you want to unsubscribe and then re-upload them into an unsubscribe list, but that process is clunky and annoying compared to the previous system of just clicking a button. Please re-add the mass unsubscribe feature on the bounce page--the current system is de-incentivizing list cleaning and encouraging your users to just let their bounces go.

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Thank you for your feedback @ICS. Our developers are tracking feedback and I will be sure to get yours to the appropriate teams. I have also opened up your idea for voting.

In the meantime, you are able to unsubscribe contacts in bulk by first exporting the contacts you would like to unsubscribe from the report. Once exported, you can upload them into an unsubscribed status by first making sure "advanced email permissions" is enabled on your Constant Contact accounts settings page. It can be found under "Contact Settings" on that page. Once enabled, there will be a new option to "Add unsubscribed from file" option on the contacts page under "Add Contacts". 

Hi, the old format was so much easier to edit/unsubscribe bounced email addresses. Maybe I am not doing it right. Is there a tutorial on the new format? thanks.
It looks like in the reporting feature I am no longer able to unsubscribe multiple "recommended for removal" emails. Bring this back please!
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why is this not an option? It would be the most convenient, since otherwise the work of updating my source list will result in reimporting these won't it? it seems dumb. there is a message recommending unsubscribe but no method to do so conveniently.

Hi @AnnaM96 thank you for your feedback! I can definitely understand how helpful it would be to unsubscribe contacts directly from your bounce reporting. I apologize our reporting is not currently designed this way. This is however a feature request I have submitted in your account and to the appropriate teams. In fact, where are you seeing the message recommending to unsubscribe your bounces? The reporting pages for our campaigns do not include a message like this.


In the meantime, as a workaround we suggest exporting your bounces to a file, then uploading it directly to your unsubscribed list. Uploading your contacts to the unsubscribe list will not change the listed source of how they were originally added into your account.


Please add more functionality to the bounced email screen in the reporting area. This screen allows you to view bounced emails, but you cannot edit or unsubscribe contacts from this screen. It is unnecessarily time consuming to export a list and then go to the contacts screen to find and unsubscribe contacts one by one. Please fix!
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I am so tired of Constant Contact taking away features that we use and which make the system user friendly.  We want to manage our Bounced Lists but taking away this bulk feature to move them to Unsubscribe and remove the Report List at the same time, makes it impossible to easily fix them. It is definitely user unfriendly to take away this feature. And your response above indicates that it was taken away on purpose and is no longer a design feature.  Are you trying to make it so difficult that we don't remove them and therefore keep Contacts in our account to drive up the count which increases the amount you charge us?  I hope you are not being that deceitful.  I vote to bring this feature back!  NOW!  

Is there a way to easily unsubscribe bounces? I select the view that allows me to view a certain type of bounces I want to remove, yet the export option only allows to exporting ALL -- even the type of bounces I don't need to remove. The old way was fine and easier to use. Now Constant Contact has taken something simple and made it more tedious and complicated. I don't understand why update and fix something that is fine the way it is or only update it to make it worse than it was.
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For the Reporting - Bounced; it would be helpful if one of the Actions was to Unsubscribe.
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Hello @NDCgraphics,

Thank you for your feedback on our changes. At Constant Contact we always aim to make the product as user friendly as possible for our customers. I am very sorry that these changes feel more tedious to you and I will be tracking your feedback for you. 

Currently, you can toggle between different views on your bounce screen. Right now you may see a drop down that reads "all bounce types" if you click on this you should be able to choose the bounce category you want. Once you choose the category you will see an option to select and you should be able to export these contacts into a file. Once you have your file you will want to enable advanced email permissions and upload your file of unsubscribed contacts.

Please add the option to unsubscribe contacts directly from the review bounced addresses screen. Thank you!
On the opened page you need to have under actions radio button the option to unsubscribe. It only makes sense.
Would really make things easier if your site had an option to unsubscribe multiple contacts at once through the bounced section. That way, it could be done all at one rather than going one by one.
It would be really, really great if in addition to having the option to Delete bounced emails in the drop-down under Actions in the Reporting screen, we could also choose to Unsubscribe them so they will never be inadvertently added back in.

Used to be able to Unsubscribe an entire list that may be Blocked or Non-Existent.  You even recommend Unsubscribe to DELETE.  However, it is no longer listed under ACTIONS.

Hello, may you please consider to add in on the contact bounces page an unsubscribe option under the actions drop down please. Unless I am not doing something right the idea of having to go back and forth between Bounce and Contacts to correctly unsubscribe contacts is time consuming. Thank you. Great product, Evan Gillespie

Export then Import unsubscribes is very cumbersome. It adds extra awkward steps. User friendly would be to be able to select the emails as you scroll down and click Unsubscribe (simple and done), versus, select the emails as you scroll down, export those you want to unsubscribe, then import with the "Unsubscribe" button selected. Maybe allow both options if some prefer to take the extra steps, but have the user friendly step too please.

Why is it so difficult to unsubscribe bounces? I have to open a new window to access the contacts while viewing which contacts were bounced. Then go into each contact and unsubscribe them. Why not just have that option in the actions of the bounce section of the campaign?

You shouldn't have to delete them one by one. When looking at the results of your campaign under the "Campaigns" tab, you should see where it breaks out how many sent, bounces, spam, unsubscribes, etc with the number as a hyperlink. If you click on the number of Bounces, it should take you to the full list of all of your contacts that bounced (image below).

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 2.20.15 PM.png

There's a drop-down menu on the top-right where you can filter Bounce types — nonexistent, suspended, vacation/auto-reply, recommended for removal, etc.. Filter so you're only looking at the Recommended for Removal contacts (image below).

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 2.20.27 PM copy.png

Then check the box above the individual checkboxes on the top left, and it will select all that are Recommended for Removal. Then once they are selected, click the Actions drop-down and select Remove. I've attached a couple of screenshots to help show the steps.

Please make a feature to mass unsubscribe emails that have bounced so that they are not included in the contact list and don't need to be unsubscribed individually.
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I selected delete and unsubscribe on my bounced contacts thinking it would delete them from the list and add them to the unsubscribe list, but they're just gone out of the system. So I don't know how we'd resubscribe them because they don't come up in searches.


Now that I've read through this thread, I agree completely that there should be a mass unsubscribe button that is separate from deletion.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hi everyone. I wanted to jump in here and say that we have recently implemented the ability to delete and unsubscribe bounces from the Reporting page. This screen will pop up with a prompt and it allows you to make the decision to either delete the bounces from your account or to take the extra step to delete and unsubscribe them. It's very important to note that this action cannot be undone in the account and it's up to you to decide how you want to handle your bounces. 



Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We wanted Unsubscribe but no NOT delete, not Delete but don't unsubscribe. That doesn't even make sense?!?! 


I agree with the comment above - I would like to be able to unsubscribe but do not delete.  

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Is it because CC makes more income from you if you've got a huge mailing list?  So they don't want you to trim out the bounced addresses?

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