View and Export Cumulative Report of Original Send and Resend

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To whom it should concern, Your reporting capabilities are extremely deficient and clearly not focused on what a customer needs. One example, I can download contacts who opened the original email (campaign), I can download contacts who opened the follow-up email (campaign); however, I cannot download the combined list of contacts who opened the email (campaign). I have to download separate reports and add them together to see all the clients who opened the email (campaign). Call Center Rep stated this situation is because the follow-up email is a 'separate campaign." From a user's perspective, it is not a separate campaign. Very disappointed. I hope you address this obvious deficiency. Regards. Jude


Hi @SteveC1141


Thanks for sharing this feature request with us! We can understand how important it is to export a cumulative report of both sends. Because of this we have tracked your request and opened up this idea so other users may weigh in as well.

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