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ability to create a name for list export activity

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ability to create a name for list export activity

I would like to be able to add some short descriptive code when exporting a list of names based on a search, or part of a report, or whatever. Sometimes I do several exports in a short time span and it would be much easier if the activity list could have an identifier that means something to be rather than just saying "export clicks" or "export contacts" or something generic like that. You could just add a small field where we could put  maybe 10-20 characters to mark it. Sometimes it is easier to do several exports and then go over to the activity list to download them. As it is, I have to keep a list of the order in which I'm exporting information to know which one is which.

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Status changed to: Voting Open

I like this idea. We've heard similar feedback on the reporting side of things that people would like the files exported from campaigns be automatically named after the email. The idea to name the export allows for more flexibility and takes into account the Contacts > Activity page which I believe you're referring to.