can't select mutliple subs to delete from bounce report

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I am in the bounce report of a recent email, displaying the "other" category of bounces. I tried to delete 3 subscribers but I could only click one at a time. If I clicked one and then tried to click a second one, all the names in the list were selected. There were only 3, so it wasn't a big deal but if there had been more it would have been super annoying.
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Hi @JulieL34 we're sorry to hear this is the experience you had with deleting bounced contacts. Users do have the ability to select multiple contacts from their bounce reporting to delete without selecting the whole list. Have you had this same experience working through a different browser or even a private/incognito window? Does this happen with more than one email campaign's bounce reporting?

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It was happening in all the reports I opened the day I reported it. It really seemed to me that it might have been a casualty of the changes in the contact interface that was recently done. I did try clearing cache, and that didn't help. I haven't been in a situation to do more of that since that day, but I will be working on these thigns again in the next few days so will see if it continues to happen.

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