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re-subscribe bounces

re-subscribe bounces

It would be very helpful for Constant Contact to make it easier for us to re-subscribe those who have been inadvertently taken off our lists for having been "bounced as suspended" when we are contacted by these people who say they still want to be on our lists. I have lost many people over the years this way with no notice from Constant Contact in the way we are given notice when someone "un-subscribes" .

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You are a great company. But... But you make the process for a customer (whose email is suspended but does get my emails from Outlook) to get 'reinstated' to receive my emails way too convoluted. It should just be a link they click on similar to the link for those who want to resubscribe, to bring them out of the 'suspended' category.
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Thanks for posting this feedback!

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I am a newer client of Constant Contact, having sent 4 monthly newsletter campaigns. I have had about 4-6 instances of bounced emails due to address being on a blocked global contact list. It is embarrassing and awkward to email contacts asking them to confirm their email addresses after I send campaigns. It is not a professional introduction to our newsletter. It would be great if there were a tool to test newly added contact emails prior to sending a campaign so that the process of re-activating suspended emails does not delay reception of the campaign. This issue has caused me to consider using a different online newsletter service. Thank you for your consideration.

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Status changed to: Voting Open
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I would like you to send my emails out to all suspended contacts. All of these people specifically signed up for my newsletter in our store on a sign up sheet. Some I noticed used our sign up form on our web site (they received a welcome email) and are now suspended. I totally do not agree with your policy that because they were removed or had problems with other subscriptions from constant contact that they are now suspended on my emails.

To whomever can assist - 


We recently hired a new salesmen. In anticipation, it appears we put what we knew would be their email address about a week before they actually started -- and accidentally sent them an email that suspended immediately. 


I do not understand how they could be suspended before that email was even created - I understand that 'anyone else on the CC database may have tried to email them' but - this person didn't exist at the company before two days ago. So, who could possibly have been emailing them besides myself?


They then had a second one bounce yesterday again as suspended - I'd assumed that the "15 day hold" would have taken them off this list but, now I'm concerned that they will continue to be suspended. (It appears that they may be a rehire so there is a chance that I had added them into the system and forgot about it a year ago before taking them out?)


This coincides with a problem I've been having for multiple months (from what I understand, an employee at RW Connection tried to fix this in August but I was only just informed it was never fixed) -- two different employees of our own company are marked as suspended, resolutely. So, this makes three. 


My question is WHERE can I call and request CC replace them as active contacts, since nothing in the 15 day holds/etc, appears to be working? 


Is there away I can whitelist anything from our IP as well? It's frustrating to think new employees won't get the emails that keep them in the loop...


The emails are:


Steve Boyer - 

Bob Bowman -

Scott Bruck -


Please help! Thank you, 


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