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re-subscribe bounces

re-subscribe bounces

It would be very helpful for Constant Contact to make it easier for us to re-subscribe those who have been inadvertently taken off our lists for having been "bounced as suspended" when we are contacted by these people who say they still want to be on our lists. I have lost many people over the years this way with no notice from Constant Contact in the way we are given notice when someone "un-subscribes" .

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Thank you for the great feedback @GeneK15.


We maintain our own internal email servers, and it would be very helpful to be able to unsuspend an email address ourselves (that we know was bouncing due to a known technical problem) without having to call support.

Status changed to: Voting Open

This is great feedback @VCC_Trainer. Thank you.


If we were ever to leave CC THIS would be the reason! And, although I HATE to say it, it is currently a consideration. The Suspended category has cost us loyal patrons, which we cannot afford. Other CC account activity should NOT impact a patron's involvement with any other CC account. CHANGE this policy...please

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Your way of blocking addresses that have, at some prior time, having not to do with my account, is objectionable and damaging for me. Too many instances of communicating with these individuals (outside of constant contact) to discover they get all their other emails OK, but do not even receive mine. You really need an updated approach to not do this disservice to those of us who trust and rely on your outreach. I used a competitor of yours, on a trial account, in which nearly 50% of addressees you blocked - received and opened my emails from that server (but don't even receive my emails when I rely on Constant Contact to send to them!)
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I Have no clue where to provide feedback to you folks so I am doing it here.  I have been very disappointed and feel I cannot trust your bounce email system.  Several weeks ago, I had 2 friends report that they did not get an email about a sale we were advertising.  I went to the email list and found they were suspended.  the representative fixed it and they are receiving emails now.  I sent an email earlier today and found that you had classified my email as bounced and suspended.


My understanding is that after 2 bounces you no longer send to that email address.  This is eliminating customers from my email list without my permission and hurting my potential sales.  Your bounce list obviously cannot be trusted based on the past 2 examples - therefore what right do you have to suspend someone and not send.  the representative today indicated that the email is not removed from my list but no email is sent to that address.  What's the difference other than I am paying for email addresses you are not sending emails to.  She also indicated that if I know the email is good they would reinstate it.  How would I know this unless someone comes to me and complains they are not receiving the email.  I have over 5000 active users on my list minus the ones you have unilaterally suspended.