readability -- or the lack of it

The new reporting format sucks -- there is no nice way to say it!
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My favorite is the date format in the new reports, which is in no usable format known to mankind. Sort on it? Hah.  Parse it out?  Who formats their dates in an EXCEL (or csv) sheet this way???

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Wed, Nov 30, 2016 1:43 PM

Opens and such are all about metrics, yet CC doesn't give us usable data to show how great our results are.

Or do you have to have SalesForce to get usable information?

I used to provide a monthly report to our team; given how much time this now takes compared to how much time it used to take (did I mention that the columns got re-ordered, too, so they don't match the template report we have been using for years?), they will be lucky to get the report quarterly.

(Don't forget - the open and bounce numbers in downloaded reports are rarely correct.)



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Hi Paul,

I'm sorry to hear this. Can you tell me more about how you would like to see the reporting? Is there a specific piece of information you can't find in the current layout?

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