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Suitable for Online Sales?



I was wondering if SaveLocal coupons are suitable for online sales, like for buying clothes online at our webstore?


That way we can use our whole email contact list, not just our local customers. I'd want to provide each buyer with a unique coupon code they could use to redeem it online.




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Re: Suitable for Online Sales?

I have an online business as well and spoke to Manolo on the SaveLocal team. This does work for internet only businesses. You'll need to contact the team, and they can provide you with a list of gift certificate codes that you can upload to your website. 


I hope that helps answer your question. 


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Will ask the product team to take a look at this idea - I know I've seen some people using it for online stores, but will be sure that they answer your specific question or consider this as a suggestion if not!
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Great suggestion. if you connect with a coach prior to running your deal, they can arrange to have the customer contact information exported in an excel doc. With that you can sync up the redemption codes as the coupon codes to provide for your consumers. Over time we are going to work on providing this experience in the product. -- David Wachtendonk / Product Manager for SaveLocal