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How can I add another administrator to my account. I would like to share the duties of putting together our organization's weekly emails and my co-worker is being denied access even though she has the email/password for the account.

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Hello @PeggyK481 ,


Sharing login credentials is never recommended. The more people / computers / networks signing in on a single login, the more at risk your information can be, especially for account owner logins which have full accessibility to the account (including billing info).

You can set up multiple users in either pricing plan level, with Email accounts able to have up to 5 active users (including the owner), and Email Plus having unlimited users. After enrolling in MFA - either manually or through a rollout – the next time a user logs in, they’ll be prompted to select the MFA method they prefer. If for some reason you're finding that your account isn't allowing the maximum number of users for its level, please call our Billing team so they can check our backend for any antiquated settings.


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