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For years we've sent email blasts about every other week.  We've used our Sales VP's email:  joesmith@mydomain.com.  We're making a shift and Marketing is going to be sending a lot more emails on behalf of the sales team, sending smaller blasts, but more like daily.  We've decided that using his address just isn't going to work, between bogging down his inbox and requiring him to be the one checking for reply tos.  


What do you guys recommend?  I've heard things like info@ and marketing@ get flagged too easily.  But it seems like lots of other companies are using it.  Also seems like a lot of the major brands we get mass mails from are using a 3 piece domain, like @em.1800flowers.com.  Would that help deliverability?  Let me know your thoughts.  Thank you!


Hello @IanGendreau ,


We mainly don't recommend sending to role addresses, as they tend to result in higher spam complaints, and be more easily accessible by multiple people. I'd definitely recommend going through our main article on role addresses, when you have the time.


With that said, role addresses can be used for sending, especially since some systems (such as the SMS tool) require a general support address that can be reached out to. If you're ever having trouble verifying a role address you want to send from, you can call our general support to confirm security permissions, and they can administratively verify those addresses as needed.


However there's another piece to this setup. Role addresses - especially from specific domains instead free ones like gmail, yahoo, verizon, etc. - are going to be more likely flagged by spam filters and security algorithms is they're actually coming from a 3rd party source (in this case us). Therefore, if you plan to use a role address for your account, or if you have your own domain in general, it's very much recommended you get your account's self-authentication setup for it, to better ensure your delivery. If you have any questions on this process, or need troubleshooting regarding it, I'd recommend speaking directly with our Delivery team for specialized assistance.

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