Branding question - logo feedback

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I am a new partner and was reading the Agency's Guide to Marketing.  It discusses branding and your logo and suggested getting feedback.  Anyone?  Thanks.




Hi @KathleenS626 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Your logo looks great! Not only is it simple, but it's truly appealing and made of colors that compliment each other very well. Keep up the great work. We hope that other Community users chime in with feedback as well.

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Thanks, Frankie!  

Hi KathleenS626,


I really like the clean look of your logo. Its appealing, affective and nice choice of colors for the branding.

I'm wondering what it would look like with the star trail shooting the opposite way, kind of mimicking an email being sent out. I really do like it as is, but could always play around with that.


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I agree . . . the current setting looks like the star will go down (our eyes travel left to right), when I think the idea is that this star(k) is rising, correct?  I'd switch it and then All Good!  ~Deb

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It would be an ok logo is this was 1994. That script font went out of style in the 1980s. Plus the "Stark" looks like its less important than everything else. The star is odd, won't look well small, and the trail looks like it was drawn by a child with shaky hands.  Start with a vector file too and make good pngs of it. 



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Thanks, Rick.  I agree with the star and tail.  I bought this from one of those cheap make-your-own logo sites.  Was never really crazy about it.  I don't mind the font as I have no idea what was popular font-wise in 1994, but yours is nice.  I am planning to close down my business and retire, as email marketing isn't the cool thing like social media is and small businesses are reluctant to spend money on it.  I find I spend more time promoting myself than email marketing.  Getting sick of all those networking events to no avail.  Just not worth it.  Are you a graphic artist by any chance (hence the logo)?  Do you offer email marketing?  Have you had success with it and how?  I have spoken with another email marketing (CC partner) who confirmed my suspicions about how hard it is to get people to sign on.  Even CC admits email marketing is a tough sell.  I got out of sales for a reason. 

Yes, I'm a graphic artist - and a very seasoned one. I started in design in late 1986 not long out of high school (and I was one of the original betatesters for Adobe Illustrator in 1986). I still do about 65% print design and the rest is social media / eblasts. Before you decide retire I'd like to offer what I think is the #1 key to surviving in this business: and that's to specialize. Pick an industry (or a couple) and stick with it. Get to know the industry as well as potential clients. Become known as the go-to for "insert industry here" and you'll never have to promote yourself. I have never promoted myself, don't have a website, and I can be as busy as I want. Indepth knowledge is hard to beat when talking to a client, plus you'll get all the referrals you want. 


Can't be all things to all people, so be the all for a small group of people. )



by the way if you want that logo let me know I'll send it. Also, I do and equal number email newsletters to email-sale pieces, so you might consider that. You can become the "newsletter lady" of you town )

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Hi! It's a great logo, and you've done a great job. It is quite simple, and at the same time, it is immediately clear what you want to tell the client about your company.


Hi! I like the idea of how you draw the star theme in your logo. It looks cool! In addition, I like the color combination. It is very pleasant and unobtrusive. In which program did you draw your logo? Now I am developing a logo for my small startup related to catering and trying to draw a logo independently. I don't have professional graphic design skills, so I'm looking for simple online programs. Now I like the template creation site that you can see if you click here. I will be glad of any advice.

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