Constant Contact's CTR

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Has anyone else noticed that CC now calculates the CTR differently?  All past campaigns that we've previously reported out on, have now changed. And the results don't look good.  At all.


It used to be that CTR= calculating unique clicks divided by the amount of unique opens x 100 --

example: we sent an email to 10,000 contacts, and 2000 users open; and 335 unique users click through.

my results would be: 20% open rate ; 17% CTR.  Sounds successful, right? 


Not any more.


As of today in my account: CTR now = amount of unique clicks  divided by the amount of emails sent (minus bounces) x 100.

New results: 20% open rate but now only a 3.3% CTR.  Sounds unsuccessful.


CTR is supposed to determine how engaged users are for people exposed to your message.  If users don't open the message  (maybe their ISP flagged it as junk)- I don't know why that is considered part of the equation!





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Hello @DianeD078 ,


This was done to better accommodate the recent updates to Apple's privacy settings, as well as the increased use of security bots that open links in emails to check for malware. The current Click Rate metric is the most accurate for tracking clicks for your total sendouts. If you're wanting to see results of clicks compared to opens, you're welcome to use the Click-to-Open metric.


For a full rundown of click reporting for emails

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