Critique My Campaign: Holiday Edition

It feels like I’m always saying, “the holiday season is right around the corner” and yet, it’s always true. When it comes to marketing, online or otherwise, there is no busier season and as an online marketer, you want to provide valuable messaging to your audience to keep them engaged.


Of course, Constant Contact offers a variety of tools and features to help you create the best campaign you can shake a stick at. Have you given our AI Content Generator a spin yet? It might just help take some of the pressure off trying to figure out the right thing to say!


If you’re hesitant to schedule the email campaign to your audience because you’re just not sure if it’s ready, fear not! We encourage you to share the email template here so you can get targeted feedback from our knowledgeable support team and from other Community users!


How to share a permanent URL for an Email Campaign? 


You’ll have to schedule and send the email to yourself first, but once it is in sent status you can follow the instructions here. If you decide to make any changes or feel ready to send to your contacts, you can make a copy of the sent campaign.


How to share a screenshot of your Email Campaign?


After you’ve taken a screenshot of your campaign, you can reply to this article (make sure you are logged in and click the "Comment" button) and insert the image in your response.


You can insert images from your computer (this uploads the image to your gallery), from your image gallery (if the image has been approved), or from another location on the web.

To insert an image in a post:

  1. Start a new post.
  2. Click Insert Image.
  3. Choose an image source location.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions


We look forward to seeing your awesome work!

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