Desktop Views now out Numbering Mobile Views

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On all of my campaigns over the last couple of years, the Mobile views have been gaining the Desktop views and have been growing. This month it appears my percentages have flipped where there is an overwhelming use of desktops vs mobile. Could this have something to do with the way Apple is marking all email as opened. Has CC done something to compensate for this? I am at a loss as to why I now have 83% Desktop views from my emails when they were 80% mobile views.

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Hello @EpicS9 ,


The click reporting is accurate insofar as what contacts' email programs are actually reporting to us. Much akin to how Outlook programs wouldn't track opens unless all images were downloaded, Apple's privacy updates affected how all email service providers (including us) report on email performances. I'd advise going through our article on apple's privacy policies, as the opens metric is going to be less important overall in a performance compared to the updated click metrics nowadays.

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