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You may have seen we now offer SMS marketing to those located in the US. As with any new marketing medium, you may be wondering: is this for me? How would my business use this? Will it be effective? 


Well, maybe with the collective power of the community we can all help each other! Use the comments below to post your thoughts, questions, success stories, results, or any ideas on how SMS can fit as part of a marketing strategy. 

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Hi Kyle,


I am interested in obtaining information concerning the error messages I might receive from an SMS campaign.  In my particular case, my contact list contains people who, at one time over the previous 23 years, provided a telephone number with their contact information.  Is the number in service?  Is the number a cell phone that can receive text messages?  Has the number been reassigned to another person who does not want to be bothered by another irrelevant text?


Inquiring minds want to know!


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Hi @KevinL2573. There isn't a way for our system to determine the type of phone number that was uploaded previously or what the current status is.


The best way to collect mobile phone numbers would be to create a landing page that includes an SMS opt-in field. If a contact is interested in receiving SMS marketing from you, they can complete the form to include their phone number and ensure the message is going to the correct number. This will help your reporting as well since it will lower the chances of seeing bounced messages after a campaign is sent.


We have a specially designed template that can be used to invite your current contacts to opt-in to SMS campaigns.


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