Event? Survey? Email? What kind of campaign do I choose?

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I'm new to Constant Contact and would love a suggestion from you all. I need to set up a campaign for people to renew their membership with our organization, and I need the campaign to allow for me to collect their membership fee AND fill out fields to update their contact information.

Do I create an "event" for that? Can I collect a membership fee if I set up just a survey?

Any help or guidance is graciously received and appreciated!

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Hello @PCPG ,


My suggestion would be to use the event system as you'll be able to collect membership payments, and also be able to collect contact info / ask questions akin to a survey. In the long run however, it may be better to get such a system setup within your own website for membership payments and information collection, so you can just link to that page in your emails.

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Dear PCPG,

When I had that situation it was indeed an EVENT that I created. The format is the most flexible, letting you make an optional "landing page" for full description explanation, a form that permits several essential pieces of contact information, plus even allows a semi-survey by adding questions. (I used that element often to find out where people had heard about our event or organization; e.g., a newspaper ad, our website, TV, radio, etc.) If you are clever with your labels, you can customize the Constant Contact option to "offer or sell items" and use that to collect membership payments. Remember, however, ConCon now takes a percentage of the money you make. And if you process payments through PayPal, which also takes its cut, the fees can add up.


Hope this info helped. Good luck!