Fort substitution

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What font in CC have you used if your brand guidelines call for Copperplate Light?
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Hello @bobbemaynes ,


Based on the kerning and other unique elements with Copperplate Light, there isn't really any particularly close, singularly similar font that's web-safe or available among our font options. 


You could potentially use a mix of different fonts for different letters, ALL IN CAPS, if you're really keen on emulating Copperplate Light. If you go with this method, I'd definitely recommend doing some internal test sends prior to actually sending, to ensure that the receiving email program doesn't just rewrite with its own preferred font.


Otherwise, any Serif-type font could potentially work as a substitute. Times New Roman or Garamond would probably be the best font substitutes, that are available in the email builder's font selection.

William A
Community & Social Media Support