Suspended accounts

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We have many contacts who work for a large hospital system on our list. From what I understand emails to those contacts often bounce as undeliverable because of the firewall at the hospital system. The hospital system will not whitelist all our emails for all contacts. They are currently listed as "suspended." Our donor management system syncs with constant contact monthly, so if I remove the addresses, I think they will reappear the following month when we sync. What's the best way to retain the email addresses without emailing them every month or keeping them as "suspended." Would "Temporary Hold" be a solution? Or possibly tagging them as "bounced" and unsubscribing them from the emails?

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Hello @MattM5330 ,


In all honesty, if these contacts just chronically cannot accept your emails, then there's no point in trying to continue to email them. I'd advise following the Recommended for Removal process for bounces, to ensure they're unsubscribed and don't get re-added during your next sync or upload. RFR bounces include undeliverables and suspended types.

William A
Community & Social Media Support