Training or courses available?

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I was curious is there is any general training on creating a marketing email. I am new to using constant contact and trying to better my email designs. Or if there is any type of course I could complete to better my knowledge. Thanks!

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Hello @DanielleMaino ,


The current email builder is set up to make creating emails simple, and straightforward. For getting started with the email builder, I'd recommend following along with this article when you're creating your first email.


Once you have your first, "master template" created, I'd recommend adding it to a folder on its own. That way you can easily find it to copy it for future editing and usage.


When you have the time, we also have a Getting Started guide (also available in video format), with relevant links for newcomers using the system. You're also welcome to call our general support so they can work 1:1 with you, and also screenshare while you're logged into your Constant Contact account.

William A
Community & Social Media Support