What does CC offer for my webstore that I don't already get?

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I have Big Commerce.  Can't say it is very user friendly.  Can someone talk to me about why I should switch to CC webstore?  

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Hello @SueE26 ,


While I don't have any particular experience with BigCommerce, I can at least provide some resources regarding the Website Builder and its online store system. For starters, the WSB's Knowledge Base will have a lot of resources on creating and troubleshooting, as well as ways to connect with their support teams directly. I'd also recommend taking a look at the full breakdown of included elements on our plans comparison page.


Here are some of the elements covered by the Website Builder:

  • Unlimited products with a 1.5% transaction fee for sales
  • SSL certification and SEO automatically applied to the website and store
  • Quick, optimized load times for better visitor experience and SEO
  • Save history for easier website creation and reversion to previous setups.
  • Parallax effects, carousels, and other visual elements to boost website aesthetic appeal
  • Blogging creation, management, and sharing
  • Social media sharing
  • A specialized support team for the builder and store, with multiple direct channels of communication to reduce wait times and transfers
  • Automatic mobile optimization, as well as previews in the editor so you can check and correct elements that may convert oddly
  • The ability to purchase or transfer a domain
  • Ability to setup and publish multiple websites at the same time

There's several other elements we can go over, but I'd definitely recommend taking a look at the links above, as well as test out the WSB in your own account before committing. If you have any general support questions we can try to answer them here, but generally the WSB's support team will be the best source of troubleshooting and guidance.

William A
Community & Social Media Support