Why did you start your small business?


Tamika Catchings, owner of Tea’s Me Cafe Indy, shed some light on what inspired her decision to start her business. “I didn't get into it to get rich. I got into it because of the community and … to bring people together and build this”, she said.


What inspired you to start your small business?

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Actually, my account is for the Chicago Center of Self-Realization Fellowship and we just use it for announcement and an occasional survey.

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We were asked by customers to offer digital business cards as a service and it's been going great ever since.  We started our printing company with the idea of helping people grow their businesses and digital business cards also support that.  It is nice seeing people succeed and flourish professionally.  

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When I was about 5-6 years old, my favorite toy was the fisher price cash register.   It dings when ever you hit the cash out button and I remember pretending to have a mini store in my room.  I would check out pretend produce and items that my little brother or my babysitter would buy.  I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur back then but didn't give it much thought on how and when.   So I went the route of education till college and post college and didn't feel like I knew what I really wanted in life till a medical situation made me stay home with my toddler son.   I had to find a way to earn money while staying home and found a portable pad printer that can do a lot of printed promo stuff at a trade show.   It was a way for so much creativity and after 17+ years we're still going at it.   It became a great way for me to be immersed in the communities I serve.  I wouldn't change a thing though the ups and downs of 2-3 recessions.