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Hello- my name is John Shea, website  When trying to get onto the website, I get a message that the domain has expired.  I transferred (after much phone conversation with Constant Contact,) the domain from Weebly to Constant Contact in April of 21.  How can I get the website back up and running?  A payment was processed on April 10, 2022, next payment is May, 2022, and yet, the website cannot be accessed.



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Hello @JohnS2077 ,


I see what you're saying about the domain showing as expired when you go to it. It looks like the domain was pointed at your Constant Contact website. I'm personally unclear if the domain was transferred to be billed through our website builder platform as well, or the original company that it was purchased through. Our website builder is handled through a separate support team, so they would probably be best suited to answer that. They do have chat, email, and phone support, so hopefully you can get in touch with them quickly to get this sorted out. 


That team can be contacted through this link.