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I've read what you have in the forum on this but still don't get it-  I am uploading a PDF newsletter from Pages to CC.  Within the newsletter PDF there are several links that work before I upload to CC, but don't work after.  Can I make the links within the newsletter work?

Should I not import it as a PDF but another file format?

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Hello @LindaL9288 ,


PDFs cannot be embedded directly into emails, so when you upload a PDF into our system we offer an automatic conversion of the first page into an image, in case you wanted to include that PDF as a cover image, preview image, etc. in your email. The PDF itself will have the working links, but you need to actually link to it in your email. The image, by virtue of being an image, will not have multiple functioning links associated with it. This also applies to other document types you may try to host in the Library, such as XLS or DOC files.


For more info on inserting a document into an email

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