receiving payments on an email campaign


I had a bad experience with PayPal. Is there a way to integrate a payment feature into an email campaign? My objective is to give readers of a particular campaign the opportunity to make donations to our organization. I don't want to invoice them. I want donations to be strictly voluntary -- accepting payments of any amount the reader chooses, using a credit or debit card. If not, any guidance on the best alternatives to PayPal? I've looked at ProPay and Stripe. Thanks.


Hello @WilliamH3107 ,


I know that our devs are looking at some different payment processors to develop integrations with as far as processing random payments for things. If you have a Website Builder site, you could look into using the Online Store or Shoppable Landing Pages to offer amounts of donations as "products." Otherwise, as you've already noted, there are several different online payment processors and vendors that can generate unique links for collecting donations. Hopefully one of our other customers will be able to chime in and provide examples of other vendors they've had success with.

William A
Community & Social Media Support