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Accessing company Linkedin page for social sharing

Accessing company Linkedin page for social sharing

Greetings, First off, I'd like to compliment Dimas Ramirez for his professionalism and hard work in trying to resolve this matter. He even put me on a brief hold, did some research on his own, then came back to the phone and apologized for having to step away. He was very calm and very knowledgeable, even apologetic because my boss had called just last week and spoke to someone about the same issue, but he apparently was not aware that you currently don't support accessing company Linkedin pages for social sharing. ... which brings me to why I'm writing... I'd like to find out when this will be something you support. We want to post our email campaigns on our company Linkedin page. I look forward to hearing back from you, to learn more about when I can expect this feature will be active. Warmest regards, Kathy G.
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I don't believe it has been resolved. I am still having the problems mentioned above. Constant this being worked on?

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I am experiencing this same issue.  Is this still being looked into?


Still cannot post to company pages. Any resolution coming? I would LOVE to have this as it would save me a ton of time. Thanks