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This is not so much of an idea as a call for help. CC why is Constant Contact Chat always closed??? And why is there no button in Knowledge and support that says Ask for help or New question?

Here's my question:

There is no option to edit the Facebook account that has been automatically selected via the Constant Contact Social Share (to schedule social posts from the email campaign). And the account that appears is not right. Is there another way of editing to select the correct FB page? The Help article didnt help - it says you can just login to you FB page through the form to select but it doesn't provide that same pop-up form from my end.

Please help.



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Hello @GeoCatch,


In order to successfully connect a different account, I would recommend you log out of Facebook completely on a different tab before connecting it via Social Share since our tool will recognize the account that's already logged in. When you're logged out of Facebook and then connect through Social Share in Constant Contact, it will then ask you to connect to the correct Facebook account where you'll put in the correct credentials for the page you want to connect. After this is done, you can disconnect the other Facebook page you don't want. This article will go through the steps you should see:

Does this help with what you're looking to do?

We have joint newsletters that go out from three different organizations.


How do we tell social media there are THREE FB, THREE Twitter, THREE Instagram links?

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