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I would like to know if there is a way that we can send our campaigns to specific Facebook contacts.  There are many contacts who do not use email anymore and would like to receive my messages in their Facebook account by placing them in their biographies.  This would be a wonderful way to engage other people to our campaigns.


Hope y ou can help me!





Hi @LuciaG0 


While we don't have a way to send emails through your Constant Contact account to specific Facebook contacts, you can use the URL that we give you though. When you have sent your email, there will be a chain-mail link to the right of the name of your email. You can click on that to get the URL and that you can share within your Facebook.


Other accounts may have the ability to send directly to your Facebook Wall using our SimpleShare feature. If you have that, you can click to share your email on one of the Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Once you click to edit, we'll give you a URL that you can then also use to send via your Facebook account.


Hope that helps!


Thanks for your answer, Marissa.


Hope you can consider this a suggestion and that the experts in Constant Contact can figure out a way to send the campaigns to individuals.  This would be a step ahead of what you are already offering.


All the best!






You're welcome! Once there is a way to send directly to Facebook accounts I'm sure we'll be on top of it. For now, if you send an email to a Facebook email address it just forwards to your primary email address used to log into Facebook.  



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