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Integration of scheduled tweets into the Hootsuite Planner would be a major step forward. Being able to see and move tweets scheduled through Constant Contact would be a major advance. Users could coordinate Constant Contact tweets while seeing our complete (inside and outside of Constant Contact) social media schedule.
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Thank you for your feedback, Kevin! Being able to schedule tweets into the Hootsuite Planner would be a great addition. I have opened up your idea for voting.

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It would be great if there was a way to schedule posts. That way we can plan for the week or month all of our posts and forget about it... Hootsuite is a great example of this, but I want to remain loyal to Constant Contact.

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Hi @JanetC221 are you looking for this ability when creating a post using social share under a specific email campaign, or our Social feature in accounts?

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I find myself scheduling out social posts for clients and doing them one at a time is extremely time consuming. I tend to recycle about 80 posts that I cycle through. What would be extremely helpful is an import function. For example I could have an Excel spreadsheet with all the necessary information (post date, post time, text, link, hashtags, image url) that I could create and then import to your system which would then schedule these out. Hootsuite has something like this that makes it extremely efficient.


I'd be happy to chat more if you have questions.

Thank you!




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