I can't delete scheduled social posts

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We cancelled 2 events and I can't delete the schedule posts that are going out. The "Manage Posts" link is greyed out under Social Promotions. One posted this morning and I had to delete it.
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Hello @GreaterPhoenixSCORE. Thank you for providing this feedback.


Currently, the only way to prevent a scheduled post going out for a cancelled event is to remove the social accounts completey from Social Share, or remove it before cancelling the event. Just go into Social Share through another campaign and follow the steps in this FAQ: http://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/15346-Disconnect-Social-Media-from-C....


I've opened this post for voting as well as we are tracking that feedback and request.

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Seriously? That means I have to reconnect 4 accounts to schedule the next event? This has to be fixed. That is dumb. I had to go to each network and delete the post. Your service is supposed to save time not create more tasks to do.


Same thing happened to me.  

Fortunately, only dealing with one instance, so not a big deal.

But I agree a more graceful means would be appreciated.

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