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New Social Posting Process

I dislike the fact that you have added steps to being able to post onto a social network. It was a lot easier before and now you have added almost 10 minutes of work to my already cramped day. May have to look at other options if you are going to continue to make changes that only make my job harder not easier.

Regular Participant
Too confusing and I spent too much time learning the new procedure. I had to call in and spoke to Paige (your Constant Contact rep) who saved me. She was wonderful and without her I probably would have disconnected my connection from Constant Contact to Facebook. I think it was a waste of time redesigning the way we linked to Social Media. As a small business, we don't have the time to keep learning all of these new procedures and systems. Give us a break. I spent over 2 hours already on this -- talking to friends of mine who were also confused, plus calling into your system. And, the URL being at the top of the layout looks strange......plus now people have to click onto the link........and it was confusing on how to fill out the information to actually post.
Please PLEASE stop changing the way we do things on Constant Contact. The new way of using the Social Share takes more steps than before and it's really tedious and unnecessary. Please give us the option to go back to the version that existed before.
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @BTAGCT  what steps to share your campaign on social media do you feel is harder than the previous version? What steps would you expect to take to post the campaign?

Occasional Participant
What the, I am getting very tired of your constant UPGRADES that DOWNGRADE my ability to do the work I need to get done without having to take a week off to learn the new lessons on how to use these newly annoying ":tools" .. So tonight I just had to say f.. it, I just won't get to share this on social media. Not thanks to CC.
Occasional Participant
This absolutely stinks! It is the most frustrating, convoluted, time-consuming process you have created! Unable to delete a social media posting from campaign screen. When there is an error it does not identify where the error is. It is confusing to see the social media campaigns intermixed with email campaigns. The entire social media posting process is not user friendly.
about a month ago you changed the way we share our campaigns on social media. it is so confusing and takes multiple steps compared to the exceedingly easy way it used to be. each time i try to schedule a post on FB or twitter I find myself lost in screens with too much educational content, not enough simple click here to add this post etc. today i managed to schedule a FB post, now i can't find my way back to add a twitter post. wish you had not changed anything. i am using social media less as a result because i can't figure it out
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