Please, CC, disable the auto-posting Facebook share "feature"!!!

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Ugh, this new social sharing has multiple flaws, but this might be the worst one. The default should NOT make posts unwritten by account holders happen automatically just because one post was set up.


Unless the user selects and writes a schedule, automatic posting from the CC accounts should NEVER happen.


Default should be one post, and subsequent posts must be selected - and saved - in order to be enabled.


I had to delete two cheesy posts I didn't write (with 1990's clip art included, no less) that posted to our feed unwanted. Please, CC -- disable this immediately. We all are working so hard to carefully manage our brands and this kind of unwanted, automatically-posted content just isn't welcome.


Thanks for posting this feedback! Have you edited your default settings so that there is only one post created for you? Just login and on the scheduling page for your social posts click Options > Default. 

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